Slots Dictionary Part 1

This slots dictionary is a collection of terms and definitions to increase your knowledge about slot machines.

Action – refers to all of the slot machine playing time accumulated by a slots gambler. This information is generally kept track of on the players slots club card offered by most casinos.

Basic Slots – slot machines that have only one single payline and a static jackpot or a jackpot amount that does not change as progressive jackpots do.

Bet Max – refers to the number of credits on a slot machine that a player can bet per spin. Bet max is usually a button on the slot machine that enables the player to bet the maximum number of credits or units allowable per spin of the slot machine. Usually the highest payout amounts are calculated for the bet max spins.

Bet One – means that the slots player only bets one unit or credit per spin of the slot machine.

Betting Units – units used to wager. The value of the betting units is determined by the denomination slot machine that you are playing. Betting units are the same as credits.

Big Bertha – slots lingo for the really big slot machines that are usually employed in casinos as attention getters. These slot machines are much larger in size than the regular slot machine and usually has multiple reels.

Big Hit – a slots reference to hitting the jackpot combination on the slots.

Bonus Feature – features offered on many slot machines in casinos today. Bonus features include wild cards or symbols and free spins.

Bonus Multiplier Slot Machines – are slot machines offering larger jackpots to entice players to bet the maximum number of credits.

Buy-Your-Pay – a rare machine that has more payout options if you play max coins. Playing a single coin would only activate one set of winning combos, while playing max coins would unlock more.

Carousel – a group or bank of slot machines, usually of a common denomination of betting units, like dollar slots or nickel slots.

Cashback – in slots, is a reference to rewards or comps given to slots club card players.

Certified Slots – slot machines that casinos guarantee have a payout of 98%-100%. These slots are usually very well marked as such.

Coin In / Coin Out (CICO) – refers to the number of credits or units both played and paid out. Coin in are the number of units played and coin out are the number of units won.

Coins – coins for slots come in many denominations from a penny to five dollars or more.

Coin Size – slot machines that allow the player to vary the amount of money they want to wager in increments of. These machines can be penny slots all the way up to five dollar slots.

Cold Slots – a reference to slot machines that do not pay out very often or tight slots.

Collect – a button or option on the slot machine that enables the slots player to convert their credits into cash.

Comps – slots players who are members of the slot clubs in casinos are generally rewarded with free rooms, meals and other gifts for the amount of slot machine playing they do.

Console Slot Machines – slots machines designed to be more comfortable for the player by angling the machine down towards the player.

Credits – are what the coins are converted to once they are in the machine. For example, on a nickel slot machine, when a dollar is inserted into the machine, the player will then have twenty credits on that machine.

Denomination – is the value of each credit played on a particular slot machine. Dollar slots are one dollar denomination slots.

Doubles – (also triples) are usually references to symbols on the slot machines that when they come up two or three at a time, double or triple the winning amount is won.