NERF Stash Your Cash | Roulette Challenge!

Okay, keep on him keep on him. I got you first, what’s going on guys, welcome to buh-buh-buh-buh-buh way yeah today we’re playing casino stash the cash where we start out by buying our gun, and then we go around the entire place and we have a battle to see who can collect the most cash and Then we buy up brai as much as we can. Oh paper cuts. You guys know we’re on the scene. Now. Oh and Aaron give me all your cash and you get a peashooter.

Oh that’s all I need take it off. Are you serious? Okay? That’S fine! Dude! I can do an $ 800 gun.

Oh wait. Can I test this gun? No, no they’re! All this one doesn’t have a price. It’S 800 Joey.

How much money do you have $ 700 dollars? Okay, oh! What wait!

Oh! I don’t know! Why can’t go this guy? How much is this one?

Oh, that’s great, okay, breathe how much! Why are you picking on? How much is this one $ 200? Oh, I want this gun. How much is this $ 200?

Okay, so all together all right, each team has two banks in different locations: shots anywhere count for an 8 second stun who goes first yeah you take protective okay I’ll just do this. No, that makes it worse, bro bro baby, one two, three, four one, two, three, four, five six seven go keep on him, keep on him. Alright, so we just finished counting all the money. We each got $ 2,800, exactly they cheated. No, that was convincing. I did not this time.

Hmm, you did no, I bet you, he did. He only had a pea sure so now, where you get to spend that money to spin these wheels that we all cost $ 2,000 to spend $ 1,000 and 500 to spend to spin. You said to spend yo spend spend, spend, spend, spend you got ta spend to spend. Can you say that, all over again, okay yeah, you are okay, I’m gon na spend to spend if you shoot, Mathias aim for the ears sure hit yeah. What how you that been rocket launchers? Don’T you?

Can you see how no that’s what you got em? How much is this $ 1,000, this castle $ 5,000 yeah? That’S the discount $ 1,000. We I reckon you’ll, get an MK two three columns down there. I reckon times two, so he gets two of us we’re gon na collect so many weapons. We can’t even hold them.

Okay, elite, sharp fire light with Isis gotta, be a lot of fire, get more shoot with all ten. You can spin that once yeah, so so what are we? What’S our plan, you Joey you traitor you’re on my team. Dual strike.

Oh Oh modulus met mediator, meditation meditator, Oh, what this is done, yeah, so, what’s up guys, are we gon na kill it? Oh wait. I can’t be on my own team what all on my own, what what are you doing get out of here? What come at you in the mouth I shot me on the lips, yeah. Okay, I am going to Z.

We have $ 2,800, I’m gon na spend $ 2,000 and go spin. The big wheel, Adventure horse rifles is this – that one stinks Joey. You spin that wheel.

That would be pretty just spend the rest of our money and spin that wheel Thanks. I’Ve never used it. Actually, it’s not a bad gun.

Okay, so now we’re gon na take it away into a tag-team battle Mitch. I got an itch. You look like a snitch pitch pitch. Oh okay! If you don’t know how tech team works, one player from each team is gon na.

Go in a 2v2 if they need to take a break tag out or something they come back and tag their teammate. We each have two lives. Bring your weapons.

Yabba Heena know me, I’m Joey! So are you first? No. I am I’m going now.

It’S right Deb! It’S me I’m going out why you can’t warn her trick him, not a good. No, she got you in the face. Sheila, you dare give up. Forget Joey just cries until he gets his way.

Yes, try growing up with him. Hey, hey, hey, hey, don’t walk! Any starts any for any part. What did you say?

No, okay, don’t move? Okay, Joey get the spawn, kill you spawn! John, hey! That’S your game! Please! All right!

Just come man we got the game right over here is out right over here. Is our stash of cash play?