Betting Options

A basic distinction can be made in sports betting between three different ways of placing a bet. Betting at all major sports betting providers will allow for placing any of these kinds of bets and you will see them frequently mentioned in the world cup predictions offered on our site.

The single bet

In single bet you bet on a single betting event once and can already anticipate the arrival of winnings in a single prediction. The single bet is not only the simplest but also the most popular way of betting friends.

About 80% of betting turnover generates the most betting with betting on individual events, with live betting, the proportion of single bets is partly even higher.

The winnings for individual bets is calculated from a simple multiplication of the bet with the betting odds, the resulting amount is credited to the betting account with correct prediction.

Single bets generally offer the highest chances of winning, but that is to be achieved with a single tip winnings naturally limited – a multiplication of the bet can be achieved in single bet only with tips on underdogs.

The combination bet

In contrast, the combination bet it is a single use at least two different betting events only if all predictions are correct is the multiple bet will win and the winnings will be paid .

The maximum number of weather events, which can be combined with each other is, by the respective betting rules and the relevant dependent. Up to 14 different world cup betting predictions can for example be made in a multiple winner bet at Bet365.

To calculate the winnings in combination bets, the bet with the respective betting odds of all advice is multiplied in multiple bet, the total amount will be credited to the betting account in case of success.

Combination bets therefore offer the possibility to achieve high winnings already with relatively low stakes. In contrast, of course, is the higher risk compared to the single bet, even a single wrong tip in a multiple bet results in total loss of the wager?

The system bet

with the wager system combining a systematic manner any number of combination bets. System bets are therefore to be understood as a development of combination bets and offer the opportunity to work with relatively little effort in a single step to place a variety of related multi bets.

Due to the complexity of the system and the relatively complex bet and profit calculation, system bets are particularly suitable for advanced sports bettor, betting beginner should first make you familiar with the matter in more detail.