April Cash Shower for Online Pokies Gamers

Playing at online pokies paysafe has its advantages, one of which is casino bonuses available right from sign-up till you continue playing at the site. Online casinos, these days, offer a range of bonuses from welcome bonus to monthly bonuses and promotion linked bonuses.

Those who love to play with bonus funds should check out the start of the month offers at online pokies paysafe website. The site always comes up with a new offer at the start of every month and has offered $70,000 April Cash Showers this month. Players have been invited to turn their umbrellas upside down this month and catch the cash as there’s loads of cash on offer at the online pokies paysafe casino.

Players can participate in this bonus offer by playing their favourite games and collecting cash points. There are loads of prizes on offer and players are required to climb the levels all the way to level 6 to collect April Cash. Points can be earned as follows:

–          $1,000 bets = 1 point

–          $500 profit = 1 point

–          $500 losses = 1 point

Those who opt for this offer can check their progress at the leaderboard. At the end of the offer period, the site will hold a draw and give away prizes to the top 18 casino players. These players will receive Grand Prizes, including $1,000 cash prize each for the top three players on the leaderboard.

This isn’t all; Mondays and Thursdays are special at the casino. Online pokies paysafe casino wishes to give their players extra chances to win and will reward 150 selected players on Monday and 50 selected players on Thursday with a free bonus.

The Monday winners will be selected based on their Thursday to Sunday game-play performance can receive anything from $20 to $250 bonus, while the Thursday winners will be selected based on their Monday to Wednesday game play at the site and can end up with a free bonus ranging from $20 to $150.

Players who opt for this offer better check their email Monday and Thursday to find out if they’ve been awarded a free bonus. Check out this offer and win bonuses at online pokies paysafe casino.